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who SHE is.

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"Ela é" or "She is" in English, is a culmination of many things our founder + artist, ANA, loves. The name is Portuguese and as you navigate the brand it is her hope that you'll journey the delicate intertwine of Portuguese + American influence that is ANA's life.

Ela é. an affirmative statement declaring that the garment, and more importantly, the human wearing it simply is. 


We are. a European infused lifestyle brand focused on the power of re-lived + re-loved clothing. We push boundaries of where fashion stops + art begins. We push boundaries where feminine traits start + stop within streetwear, menswear & society.


All garments available are pre-loved and have been altered with care to encourage us all to live, love + wear responsibly.

ANA is our founder + artist. 

She began Ela é. to express herself through some of her biggest passions: fashion & art. 


"Thank you for taking the time to browse through my passion project. It's my hope that you find imagery, clothing and art that you identify with. Every piece I create I pour love + intention into & hope to make the world a beautiful place, one re-loved garment at a time." - ANA

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